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This picture was probably taken in 1953 when the WJMA studios were located at the DeVivi Restaurant. The man on the left is Dan Bell.
The man on the right is Ron Landry who began his radio career at WJMA. From WJMA he went to WBTM AM, Danville, VA; WSLS AM, Roanoke, VA; WDRC AM Hartford, CT 1960-66; WBZ AM Boston 1966-1969; and finally KGBS AM and KFI AM in Los Angeles. Between Roanke and Hartford he spent two years in the Army as part of Armed Forces Radio.
While in Los Angeles he became half of the Hudson & Landry comedy team which recorded Ajax Airlines and Ajax Liquor Store which was nominated for a Grammy in 1971.
Landry also wrote for the TV shows Benson, Flo, The Redd Foxx Show and Gimme A Break.
Landry's widow says "he loved working at WJMA where he did everything including sweeping the floors. It was at WJMA that he developed his unique radio personality that got him jobs in a number of major markets."
Ron Landry died in September of 2002 at age 67.
photographer unknown, contributed by Woody Purcell